Saturday, February 26, 2011

Juba, Southern Sudan Orphanage

Pictures sent Thursday, February 24, 2011 by Ujenzi Trust founding board member Lorraine Shamalla-Hannah.  Lorraine is now on mission for UNICEF in Juba, Southern Sudan.

My friends and I support the only orphanage in Juba.. here are some of the kids. 

Everyone loves little baby musa - he was found in a field his mother laying next to him killed. He had been there for a couple of days dehydrated and very sick. I love this pic of him in his Obama underwear. When he woke up and saw we were there this weekend. he was so excited running all over the place and could not keep up with his little feet. Dr. Burke was with me and said he is still not 100% well.

Justin is a sad one - he was abandoned by his family because he is epileptic and has not talked for a couple of years.. now days, we can get him to smile..