Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mwapusukeni. . .Thank God, you have survived

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"When a woman gives birth, there are many places in Africa where they say, 'Mwapusukeni. . .Thank God, you have survived'", says Dr Thomas Burke, founder of Ujenzi Trust and Director of the Division of Global Health and Human Rights for Massachusetts General Hospital. This 15-minute film offers a rare glimpse into remote villages in South Sudan as MGH teams lead innovative, medical-training programs to reduce the highest maternal and child mortality rates in the world.

Executive Producer
Thomas F. Burke M.D., FACEP

Writer & Director
Karen Day

Andy Lawless

Still Photography
Tara Clark

South Sudan Videography
Hakim George Hakim

Harvard College Videography
Abby Schoenberg

Obiero - Performed by
Ayub Ogada

Special Thanks to:
Government of South Sudan
Ministry of Health
Ebony TV
And to all who participated

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