Friday, March 15, 2013

Growing healthy at Modern Primary

Modern Primary's addition to their
school garden.

Another successful community garden started by IECM is found at Modern Primary School located in Rukungiri Town. As another rainy season begins, it is time for planting. This week, we received seeds from NAADS to be used at Nyakibale and at Modern Primary.

The deputy headmaster oversees the garden and a gardener is hired for the heavy clearing, however teachers and students alike do the work of planting, weeding, weeding and harvesting. They have plans to add a fence to the plot and create a path from the school so that it can be more easily reached for teaching, demonstration, and of course gardening.

Today, 19 students ranging from ages seven to thirteen and two teachers skipped their morning tea break in order to visit the garden. The garden is much larger than the plot at IECM with piles of dead branches acting as dividers between the plots to distinguish between the different vegetables being grown.
Students help to plant eggplant.

These same primary students were present last summer when Harvard undergraduate volunteers visited classes to teach about balanced diet and the three food groups. The students were shy but able to answer my questions about healthy diets – however they were much more interested in climbing into the garden and getting their hands dirty planting vegetables. 

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