Friday, March 15, 2013

Village Health Team Update

One of IECM's nurses explains the results of the
malnutrition screening to caregivers.
On Monday, the IECM outreach staff returned to Kikarara after having trained 26 VHT members the week before. The VHT members were asked to visit the homes within each of their "cells" (this can range from 15-30 households depending on the distance) and screen for malnutrition while also educating families about proper feeding.

VHT coordinators receive certificates
for attending the malnutrition training session.

The two VHT coordinators from Kikarara joined our staff and received certificates to distribute to the rest
of their team. Ten new patients were referred by the VHT members for screening by IECM. The referrals
were assessed for malnutrition by IECM Outreach nurses. None necessitated therapeutic treatment, but
the mothers received nutrition education for malnutrition prevention.

Caregivers, VHT members and staff pose together for a
photo in Kikarara.

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