Friday, April 5, 2013

2-week Follow-Up

Herbert (not his real name) has been on the ward for two weeks now. Not only is he smiling again, but so is his mother Anna (not her real name). Anna happily reports that Herbert's edema is gone and that he is gaining weight, he's doing alright now. His treatment is not yet complete but Herbert has greatly improved in just two short weeks on the ward. Checking his bedside chart I can see the progress he's made, his weight decreased sharply as the edema resolved. Now his weight is rising since he's moved from Phase I to Phase II of the treatment protocol. In Phase II he receives twice the amount of high energy milk, which means twice the calories - this phase is meant for rapid weight gain and it's working for Herbert. His weight dropped to 8.4kg but is now 9.2kg, nearly a 10% weight gain since the edema has gone.
Edema at admission.
2 weeks later: The dent test
is negative, edema has
completely resolved.

Before coming to Nyakibale Anna said that she fed Herbert cassava, yams, and dodo (a variety of spinach) - a diet lacking in protein. From the health education sessions she has learned about a balanced diet and says that she'll add beans, mukene (small silver fish) and avocado to her son's diet - changes that should help prevent relapse of malnutrition.

Anna says "Thank you because you are helping me by treating my child" and also ensures that she will go home and tell others about what she's learned at Nyakibale and the treatment that saved her son.

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