Wednesday, June 26, 2013

20-6-13 VHT Trainings

Today Christine, two students and I traveled to Ruhinda Sub-country and trained VHTs (Village Health Teams).  When we first got to Ruhinda the group and I were a little disappointed because only eight VHTs had shown up when we were expecting many more.  However, by the time training started we had over 20 VHTs involved!  Christine, one of our outreach nurses did a fabulous job with the training.  She included descriptions of both Marasmus and Kwashikor as well as how to identify each type of malnutrition.  In addition, VHTs were trained in how to take a MUAC measurement to determine if a person is severely, moderately or mildly malnourished. 

The VHTs were very involved in the trainings as well.  Many asked questions, and a few even got up in the front of the class and gave demonstrations on how to take a proper MUAC.  It was great to see everyone participating!  Each VHT received a child MUAC tape, and 18+ MUAC tape and a laminated chart delineating the measurements for severe, moderate and mild malnutrition by age group. The VHTs were also provided with a per diem and a soda and snack as a thank you from IECM for participating in our training.

All the VHTs showed great interest and expressed thanks to IECM for providing trainings and supplies.  We are very excited to be continuing our trainings with VHTs.  We will be training the rest of Ruhinda Sub-county this coming Thursday with Child days to follow.

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