Thursday, February 27, 2014

Inpatient Treatment at Kebisoni Health Center IV

With the help of IECM and three NACS trained staff, Kebisoni Health Center IV has received its first inpatients this week including one referral from Nyakibale Hospital. Before December, Nyakibale used to be the only facility in the District providing care for malnourished patients. Now select Health Center IVs and IIIs are able to provide care free of charge throughout the District.

Irene an eight-month-old severely malnourished, HIV exposed patient arrived at Nyakibale with her mother on Monday. Without money to pay for treatment at Nyakibale the mother did not know her options for treatment. However, now Kebison, Rukungiri, Bugangari, and Buhunga Health Center IVs are trained to treat inpatients free of charge in Rukungiri District. Staff at the Outpatient Department at Nyakibale along with IECM staff determined that Irene lived closest to Kebisoni Health Center IV. All of Irene’s anthropometric measurements were taken and recorded on a referral slip.

That evening her mother brought Irene to Kebisoni. On Tuesday IECM followed up with Kebisoni staff. In addition Irene had taken the allotted two sachets of RUTF. Her cough had subsided and anti-retroviral treatment was planned. Now, Irene is taking six daily rations of F75 high-energy-milk and has gone from 3 kg to 4.2 kg in four days. Thanks to the hard work of government staff trained in NACS in December, coverage of malnutrition treatment services is accessible, affordable, and effective in Rukungiri District.

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