Monday, March 24, 2014

Making Nyakibale Baby Friendly

In addition to coordinating malnutrition management throughout Rukungiri District, IECM has been working to make Nyakibale Hospital Baby Friendly.  Our FANTA Nutrition Fellow has been working with midwives from both ANC and Maternity to draft a Baby Friendly Health Initiative Policy here at the hospital to ensure that babies get the best possible start to life. 

To aid in the project the Program Coordinators have been knitting hats to distribute to newborns after delivery.  As newborns can easily become hypothermic the goal is to help keep these infants warm and comfortable in their first hours of life while mothers begin breastfeeding. This is particularly important for infants born prematurely due to their smaller size and decreased development.

The hats are not only helping to protect babies from the cold, but are giving mothers a keepsake that can later be passed on to younger siblings. Currently the Program Coordinators have knit 8 hats that are being distributed at the Maternity ward. More to come over the next few months!

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